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Are You
A Reading Leader?


"It is better to light a candle
than to curse the darkness."
- Eleanor Roosevelt


One of the principles used by the really wealthy and featured as the ninth step to riches in Napoleon Hill's classic book "Think & Grow Rich" is the "Power of the Master Mind". This is where a number of minds come together and out of their combined knowledge is born a Master Mind that harnesses this power, organises your actions, and transmutes your desires into its monetary or physical equivalent.

Reading can be like lighting a candle that dispels the darkness. Have you ever heard these statements, "leaders are readers", and "knowledge is power - when used constructively". One of the easiest ways of creating this Master Mind for yourself is through the choice of books you read. If at this point you are saying, "I'm not a reader," then I suggest that right now is a good time to start, but only if you want to change your circumstances as well as your destiny. The idea is not so much to read for the knowledge, but rather to action what you read and thereby change both yourself and your personal world in practical and yet astounding ways.

The idea is to gather the best minds around you through the books they have written and create your own mastermind with proven leaders in their field of expertise like, David Schwartz, Napoleon Hill, Brad DeHaven, Robert Kiyosaki, Dale Carnegie, Les Giblin, Allan Pease, John Maxwell, Dexter Yager, and many more. Here is a way to action Napoleon Hill's 'ninth step to riches'.

As a starting point, in the passcode protected area is a compiled list to download of some twenty plus books and authors and the suggestion is that you gradually work your way through them. If you are a fast reader you may be able to read a book each week and complete the list in six months. If you are a slow reader it may draw out to a book each month so that it takes you two years to complete the list. Your speed is of no consequence, but the consistent habit of reading is a success principle in itself, for you are regularly...hopefully daily, joining your mind with another's through the books they have written. In many cases the pages of each book have cost their author a lifetime of experience but are available to you for a few dollars and a few hours of reading.

Sequentially select a book from each section so that by the time you have read five books you have one from each section and continue this process through the list provided. By the time you have completed the list you will probably have developed another list of your own, of books that have come to your attention through the process that you will now look forward to continuing for the rest of your life. Make each book your own by underlining or highlighting the parts that are meaningful to you and particularly the parts you are putting into action. Note the number of pages in each book and as a minimum divide them by 30 so that you complete at least one book every month.

As you read, you will be lighting a candle of understanding instead of cursing the darkness of ignorance, not only for yourself but also for people you will influence throughout your life.

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