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 My Freedom Owners Ian & Yvonne Chamberlain


Ian and Yvonne Welcome You
to My Freedom


The twenty-first century is a wonderful time to be alive…


There have never been more opportunities for people to gain their freedom from the 'rut-race' of life. Regardless of the delusional ups and downs in economies, and in spite of political 'hot spots' around the world, there have never been such opportunities for creative and determined people to prosper in any previous era in human history. Also, there have never been so many mentors available to so many people, able to act as guides through the mine-fields of negative thinking and poor behaviour. The results and proofs of all this are the millionaires that are being created in thousands of ways around the world every single day, winning freedom for themselves and their families.


“For ourselves, the development of a system created an environment that allowed us to grow as people. We learned that if you could take control of your thoughts, you could also design your own future. It gave us an environment where we could associate with other successful people, discover freedom for ourselves and help others to do the same”.



“Today we get an incredible sense of satisfaction knowing that we have an opportunity to share—a way for others to identify their possibilities and to succeed. We love being able to recommend an environment for growth, challenge, huge personal rewards and the unlimited potential for everyone to achieve their dreams”.


“Knowing that you can play a part in helping others to succeed financially and achieve their full potential provides a great sense of fulfilment."


What Are You Looking For?

If you are looking at this idea for the first time or even the second, we would like to first, encourage you to let your deep desire for more out of life drive you to search out and find a specific reason; a truly great "WHY" that translates into a time limited, white hot goal you can believe in and commit your faith to, spurring you into taking massive action. The actions you take on this journey will in turn, stoke the fire of your original desire to a higher intensity. Within these three principles of DESIRE > BELIEF > ACTION is the engine of all growth that YOU yourself have the ability to control. In fact, these principles have already been operating unconsciously for you to be, have and do the life you are experiencing at this very moment. It's up to you to bring them to a conscious level and begin using them to deliberately take you on the road you really want to travel.

Secondly, seek out a team mentor with whom you can share your goal and together work out a planned strategy so that your action is conducted constructively and focused on building your future in a structured manner that will stand the test of time.

Third, listen, read and learn from the system material available in audio's, dvd's, books and specific functions to develop your personal and people skills and your knowledge base.

Fourth, associate with successful people and ask for help. Going it alone is for loser loners. There will be team members at every level who are capable and more than ready to assist you in your enterprise until you have developed your own leadership skills, confidence and expertise. Use the site as one of your tools for building confidence and skill levels towards achieving your dreams.


The Objective of My Freedom:

Designed with YOU in mind, this is a site connecting members of our team of associates nationwide and sharing empowering information, encouraging insights, building ideas and smart strategies. If you have any of these in mind please use the contact us page to inform us of ways that we can improve and more fully and professionally meet your needs.

The site has been designed to be a point of contact and source of information for our network of associates scattered far and wide across Australia and beyond today. With more years of experience than we care to remember there is a wealth of knowledge that we make available to our partners associates and friends. So please contact us if you have a question, or a desire to know more and do more towards taking control of your life and finances in a friendly and supportive and definitely non-threatening environment. You may on the other hand just wish to browse our site's article section for some practical knowhow or information.



If you have stumbled across this website, and are not a team member already, please note that the password is only available to members of the My Freedom network. You are however, welcome to contact us via email for more details about how you can become involved in an exciting and expanding project both in Australia and beyond.


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My Freedom: Connecting associates nationwide; sharing empowering information, encouraging insights, building ideas and strategies.


My Freedom

Connecting associates nationwide; Sharing empowering information, Encouraging insights,
Building ideas
& Strategies.