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Are you “Plugged-In” to the System?

An extension cord is an example of a business system. The system–extension cord is capable of supplying electricity or energy to anything plugged into it.

Let’s imagine a light bulb. The size of the globe wattage is the size of your commitment to system. The light given off has nothing to do with the cord, but everything to do with the wattage of the light bulb plugged in. If you only plug in a little watt globe; you can only ever have the wattage from that little globe. Little watt globes (little commitment) give only a little light. Negatives can easily block out the light from a small wattage globe. Little bulb, little belief, easily snuffed out. People join and quit because they never had a big enough light of their own to show the way to their dreams. There wasn’t anything wrong with the system. It was just that the belief (light) available from the little globe did nothing to stimulate the belief of what is possible. 

Imagine the same power cord, the same system, but plug in a different size light globe (withdrawals/commitment). Because it is a bigger wattage globe, a bigger amount of light (belief) comes into my life.   This larger wattage gives more light into my life, my belief structure, therefore my activities are easier because I don’t bump into things as easily. Negatives don’t overcome this light as easily. 

Now imagine a 500 watt globe, still the same power cord—same system, but now I have a greater application of system-energy into my life. I am on Books, CD’s and attending all functions, coaching with my up-line, a member of the team. This gives enormous light into my own life and business and I have the ability to give out a huge amount of light—people can use my light to help believe and identify their own path—meaning I now become a leader, but when they leave me and my leadership influence they are in the dark again.  

Everyone needs their own light source and the more they plug in totally to the system, the more belief they have of their own that the business will work for them. Even the big lights have to stay plugged in, because the (cord) system is the source of the power that gives the light. The more they plug in (bigger globe) the greater influence their light has. When you come to a function like this, all the diamonds and leaders bring their light (beliefs) with them and you get so pumped up because you can really “see it”. But if you don’t have your own source of light when you go out and try to shine, you get stomped over and you say this won’t work for me.    It is because you don’t have your own source of light. You must be plugged in yourself. The CDs give you belief that the business works, the books give you belief that it will work for you. The association is where we celebrate the amount of light that is possible when we all get together and play team.  

The more you take in, the more reserves you have to carry you forward and to give out. Once you have a password, Login on the HOME PAGE to access documents, lists, catalogues and essential training material, as well as a subscription request for your placement on an automatic mailing list.


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