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Missing Ingredients

Do you have all the necessary ingredients to make or develop your life successfully?

Goofy bakes a cake

Another day, another week, another month, another year! They come and go. Are you where you want to be — where you dreamed you’d be, one, five, ten years ago? Do you have the money you want? The business you want? The body you want? The relationships you want? The LIFE-STYLE you want? To be honest, some people do have the mega bucks, but then you find out their relationships are in tatters and they have no time? I'm not talking about that kind of success.

Do you spend too much time justifying your position to yourself and your friends? If you do, all of your excuses actually boil down to just one critical missing element. And just like the result of a missed ingredient in a cake recipy, you find yourself living a mediocre, dud-life.

Those who use this element achieve every goal they set and get everything they want, and it isn’t at all hard for them. And those who don’t use it… live a settled for life. If you aren’t already attracting the wealth and abundance and lifestyle you want, then something is very obviously missing.

Have you ever sat down and studied the recipy trying to figure out what the obstacle is that is stopping you from getting what you want, the missing ingredient, that when used will make your life more exciting, and productive. If you have watched or read "The Secret", I'm sure you realize that there is an enormous amount of power hiding in your mind, within your subconscious. This is discussed as the "Law of Attraction" — that you become what you think about. That your thoughts are the power within that are either working for you or against you.

But now comes the crunch, for many people have written off "The Secret" because they thought it was all going to just happen. Again they missed the ingredient, or link, if you will, between the "Law of Attraction" and that power that brings about all change in our lives.

Harnessed to your thoughts, must be ACTION, and often massive amounts of it, however, this is the missing ingredient in most people's lives. You may have all the powerful thoughts in the world racing through your mind, but if these are not backed up with ACTION, your thoughts are nothing more than wishful thinking.

Knowing what to do, how to do it, even when to do it, but not actually taking the action to do it, is called an exercise in “mega frustration”.

Most people think this element of taking action is difficult to acquire and almost impossible to maintain. However the truth is that this thought is simply a delusion to sidetrack you. The truth is that it really is SHOCKINGLY EASY to eliminate your excuses and start getting what you want in life.

This brings us to another ingredient, sadly lacking in most of our lives, and I’m talking here about self-discipline, for ACTION takes SELF-DISCIPLINE! What an absolutely hateful, ugly word, you  say. That’s right! but only because we have been taught and programmed that discipline is something to steer clear of at all costs. Actually, it is just another delusionary tactic to keep us trapped in the cage of mediocrity. So let’s get right to the point.

Self-discipline is the key to success of any kind. When you have the power to actually DO the things you need to do and say, you’re going to do them in order to get what you want, and you then become a truly, unstoppable force for achievement. It’s the ultimate secret of all the people out there right now achieving and getting what they want.

But here’s the real secret; Self-discipline is incredibly easy to achieve! If action must be harnessed to your thoughts, your self discipline must also be harnessed to your thoughts — and not just any old thoughts, like, how bad is this, or self-discipline sucks.  When you focus on your goal and live in your mind that goal as an already “done event”, a goal that you are really passionate about, you will be filling your mind with colourful, postive images, and you will find that you are always doing the things that will take you towards getting the results you want. Without pain. Without struggle. Without deprivation. Without ANY of the negatives your mind may conjure up when you think of self-discipline. When you know what you want, and you want it so badly, self discipline doesn’t even enter into the thought process. You just do what you have to do because you want the result.

If you know you've got a self-discipline problem, admit it and stop making excuses. Decide what it is you want in life. What it is that gives you a huge elephant size buzz? When you master the vision of what you want in life, self-discipline will change in your life forever — GUARANTEED. And you won’t believe how EASY mastering self-discipline can be. Like falling off the proverbial greasy log!

Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” gives you the basis for understanding these principles. Remember, you can bake anything with the right ingedients. But b ecause we don't know what we don't know, this missing ingredient is most people's challenge, frustration and ongoing obstacle—Is it your's? 

As noted above, to get what you want in life you must take “Action” to the point that it becomes the dominating factor. And it’s true, you certainly do have to take action.
To "Do > Have > Be" seems to be considered the natural order to achieve anything. We have been taught, get the necessary degrees, do all the right stuff, and success will follow and we will have all the things we want. We think that at some point we will be able to look around us and say "Yes, I've become a success, I have become what I set out to be". I have my “title” and the accolades and trimmings that go with it, now its up to life to flow to me.

Now while it is true that you will achieve some measure of what looks like success doing this, I have observed that you WON’T necessarily have peace of mind to go with your achievement.

A better order to achieving all your heart felt dreams is to
"BE > DO > HAVE".

First work on becoming the person you want to BE.  How would you like people to describe you? What quality traits do you want to exhibit? How do you want people to eulogise and remember you? When you know “who” you are, then you will DO the kind of things a person you want to be would do—taking action from the position of your being. As a natural consequence this BEING and then DOING will bring about an alignment of circumstances that will produce for you the things you want to HAVE. Its called putting yourself in a position where “The Law of Attraction” kicks in, and it all seems to happen without any obvious effort. 

So, BE > DO > HAVE. When you “ARE” the person, and then “DO” what that person would do, the "HAVE" will follow easily and naturally. It is all about a life of BECOMING the person who is successful. Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” teaches us to DECIDE to BE a success and BEGIN the DOING.


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